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News Flash

Stevie Lee Kennedy, Owner and Operator of Lux Haus Salon of Oklahoma, has acquired Schardein’s salon space as of May 2018. Steve Schardein, Schardein’s Owner and Operator, is putting down roots at a new salon location in Northwest Oklahoma City. Both Steve Schardein and Lux Haus Salon are open for business and actively taking appointments as the paint dries on the new construction. Good stuff is to be celebrated all around as these two powerhouses launch their new concept salons to the lucky folks of Oklahoma City.

Lux Haus Salon

9501 N. May Avenue, Suite 100, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 73120
(405) 752-5353

The big question: who are the stylists running the chairs at Lux Haus? You already know them. The original Schardein’s team that everyone has come to love. Stevie, Amanda, Angel, Bev, Bri, Carsen, Chris, Craig, Ericka, Justin, Kim, Kylee, Lauren, Mak, Megan, Nicole, Olivia, Rachel, Rylee, Sam, and Tara are all there and taking appointments. And the familiar front desk team that includes Kristi, Emily, Mackenzie, and Hayley, and Salon Director, Chris, will still be available to greet you with a smile.

Steve Schardein

10717 North May Avenue, Suite C, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120
(405) 785-5000

Steve Schardein’s new concept salon is now open in Northwest Oklahoma City. You can book appointments with Steve by calling (405) 785-5000. Clients will enjoy a serene, personal experience in his executive booth salon. Stay tuned to Steve’s Facebook page for regular updates as he develops out this new venture.