Healthy Hair Challenge: Complete!

Hello, my healthy hair challengers!

Can you even believe it?! It has been one whole year since I committed to having healthy hair again. Just a short recap: Last January 1st, I decided to do a healthy hair challenge. I googled it and found groups and forums and lists of things to do and not to do. I compiled my own list, deciding to focus on different parts each month.

This is that list:

  1. Use little to no heat on your hair.
  2. Use a satin pillowcase. Supposed to cause less friction, which means less breakage.
  3. Take a daily vitamin.
  4. Wash hair less: my personal schedule is once a week.
  5. Pre-shampoo with an oil: I do something similar now, check out my hair oil blog!
  6. Deep condition hair often: I am thinking every other shampoo.
  7. Re-apply a moisture product to ends of hair in between shampoos.
  8. Drink lots of water
  9. Massage your scalp daily
  10. Eliminate fast food and processed food from your diet! (Oh help me now!)
  11. Exercise at least 2-3 times a week (Does chewing gum count?)
  12. Say a positive affirmation about your self, daily. (Yes, I am for real.)


One year later, let’s look back through our list and see what worked, what didn’t, what I did and what I decided not to.

  1. Using no heat, check! I didn’t use a lick of heat on my hair at all. Most days this was a pretty easy rule to follow. It allowed my lazier side to sleep in a few more minutes. Other days I really considered whipping out the flat iron. Wearing your hair all natural is a gamble. Some days are better than others, and most of the time there isn’t much you can do about it.
  2. Satin pillow case, check! Bought this at the beginning of the year off Amazon and I love it! I personally believe in this “rule”. I feel like my hair is more manageable after waking up.
  3. Take a daily vitamin, kind of check. I decided to make trying different vitamins apart of the monthly challenges. A few different months I focused on taking different types of hair specific vitamins to see if I noticed an effect. The hardest part was remembering to take the vitamin. After I got into the habit I noticed the biggest difference with the Biotin. First, I saw my nails getting super thick and growing out of control. I now take a daily Biotin supplement. I do feel like it helps.
  4. Wash hair less, major check! Still just a once a week-er. I have shown this ‘secret’ to a few clients and they have reported back to me great success. After getting used to not washing everyday, they noticed a huge improvement in moisture and a reduce in split ends.
  5. Pre-Shampoo with an oil, check! I did this before and still continue to do this. I often get asked what my favorite product is, it’s a hair oil. For real, check out the blog if you have not used a hair oil or if you have not had any luck with one. All oils are not created equal.
  6. Deep Condition, semi check. I did do deep conditioning treatments, but not as often as every other shampoo. Was realistically, about once a month. I tend to forget about doing one myself. I love the Kerastase in salon rituals. They last 4-6 weeks and your hairstylist applies it right at the shampoo bowl and it works instantly. Easy.
  7. Re-apply a moisture product to ends of hair in between shampoos, check! My hair gets real thirsty between washes. I like to reapply either a hair oil or a moisturizing creme depending how dry it is. I have recently learned the magic of Oribe’s Supershine. Its a creme that can go in hair wet or dry and soaks right in. Love this stuff!
  8. Drink lots of water, nope. I only drink water and coffee, ok, maybe a little wine too. I didn’t focus on drinking a crazy amount of water. I had full intensions on being that girl, running around with a gallon of water, but it just didn’t happen. Only consumed the regular amount of water.
  9. Massage scalp daily, nope. I can honestly say I barley did this. One month I committed to trying the inversion method. Check out the blog to learn more on the subject. Long story short it involves a 5 minute head rub, once a day, for a week straight. I had to set a reminder on my phone or it wasn’t happening. I can honestly say, I experienced more hair growth the months I tried this. There is something to this rule for sure.
  10. Eliminate fast food, mostly check! I defiantly grabbed a few Sonic breakfast burritos and some waffle fries at Chick-fil-a, but not a ton! Maybe once a month or so. This is a good rule for the whole body, not just your hair. I did commit the month of February to clean eating, I had really great results from this experiment.
  11. Exercise 2-3 times a week, lol no. I gave one month to hard core working out. Thats about where it ended. This is the month my hair got its natural wave back. Working out gets the blood flowing and that’s great for your hair.
  12. Say a positive affirmation, nope, nope, nope. I never did this once. I am sure there is something to it, but someone else will have to tell you about it.


So what does it all mean? What worked best? I have the answer, but you might not like it. Stop frying your hair off with the flat iron. Use good products. Commit to a hair color and make changes a little at a time. Work out and eat healthy. There it is. The whole truth. There is no magic pill that will solve everything. Your hair, skin and nails are the very last part of your body to get nutrients. If everything else is healthy and running smooth, your body with take care of your hair. Once your hair is damaged there is no ultimate repair either. You can mask the problem with different products, but if your goal is to have healthy hair, it’s gotta be cut off. That was my journey for 2015, I got to the length I desired but my ends were gross. I wanted it long AND healthy. I scheduled an appointment with Kim Vega and she took care of me! Now I have my hair in a perfect place to continue to grow it just a little longer. With all this new found knowledge it will be a breeze!


Thanks for following along this journey with me!

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