Healthy Hair Challenge: October!

Healthy Hair Challenge: October!

Hello my Healthy Hair Challengers!

Can you even believe it’s November already? We are in the long stretch of our challenge. For the month of October I decided to try a few Pinterest hair recipes. When searching for advice on growing healthy, longer, stronger hair, Pinterest if full of magical concoctions. Lets just say that this was in interesting month. I tried 2 top pinned recipes and this was my experience!

 3ab96b9cc2e117f2c53d94faa18e09acCoconut Oil

Ingredients: Sprouts brand extra virgin oil.

Claim: Shine and moisture.

Reality: I actually didn’t mind the coconut oil treatment. I regularly use this product for cooking, etc, so I am used to the texture. It was very easy to apply. I let it sit in my hair for a few hours with a hair cap on. I needed to shampoo my hair twice to get out all of the oil, then regularly conditioned. My hair didn’t feel very soft, like a regular moisture treatment would, but it felt strong! I would do this treatment again, maybe in the middle of winter when my hair is feeling a bit brittle.


2a18d7a597e981ce59f4fba5fd39afaaPumpkin Conditioner

Ingredients: Pumpkin puree, yogurt, honey, coconut oil.

Claim: Cell renewal, health, uv reversal damage.

Reality: I thought it would be fun to do some sort of a pumpkin recipe since it was October and I love anything pumpkin! This recipe is from the Hungry for Change website. I just love their documenteris so I was really excited when this mask popped up! When I was mixing the ingredients, I felt more like I was baking a pie or something. The consistency was just terrible. It was soo chunky. It looked nothing like the picture when I was finished. My first thought was to scrap this mess. I really didn’t want to put it in my hair. I did though! For science! This “conditioner” was cold, lumpy, didn’t spread easily in the hair. It felt so wrong. I had to shampoo my hair three times to get it all out, then I did a real condition. I didn’t see or feel any difference. I would suggest to just eat the pumpkin for the amazing benefits. Never again.


January 1st through November 4th!


So, I was going to try 3-4 recipes, but after the pumpkin disaster I quit. My final recommendation on these Pinterest recipes would be, have fun with them. If you and a girlfriend want to be silly and do an egg and honey mask, go for it. Or if you have healthy hair and are just looking to try and add a little shine, have a field day! Just know that, nothing is going to fix your split ends besides a haircut. If you have for real damaged hair, ask your stylist for their recommendations on deep conditioning masks for repair.

We now have two months left of our healthy hair challenge! For the next two months I am going to do everything we have tried all year long! Then at the beginning of next year we can see what magic happens. So what does that look like?

  1. Eat fairly healthy
  2. Moderately exercise
  3. No heat
  4. Take a vitamin supplement – ask your doctor before doing this
  5. Head massage- inversion method 
  6. Kerastase Inisialiste
  7. Drink more water

Good luck for the rest of the year! See you in 2016!hair10month

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