Healthy Hair Challenge September: Biotin

Healthy Hair Challenge September: Biotin

So, you decided you want to start growing out your hair. One of the first things people will start recommending is Biotin. Biotin, aka Vitamin B7, comes in all different potencies and from many different brands. The internet is filled with girls singing the praise of the all mighty Biotin. You will hear, “My hair is so thick!” or “My hair has grown so long, so fast!” So you go to Walmart, grab the largest mcg you can find, take one, then forget about it. Well, if you are like me that’s what usually happens. Don’t worry though, for this months healthy hair challenge, I dedicated myself to remembering to take my Biotin!

IMG_4139I started my journey at Sprouts in the isle with way too many vitamins. They had at least 20 different brands and sizes of Biotin available. I decided on the brand ‘Country Life’.  This bottle had 120 Vegan capsules at 5,000mcg. It was also on sale, buy one get one free. The directions were simple enough, consult your doctor and take with food. My first week taking the Biotin was a little rocky. Not gonna lie, I forgot a lot. Into the second week I figured if I kept the Biotin in my purse I was more likely to remember to take it rummaging around for my keys or something.

After I started consistently taking the Biotin, I immediately noticed a difference in my finger nails. I used to have the best nails, thick, long, they wouldn’t ever break. After I moved to Oklahoma 6 years ago, my finger nails became dry and brittle. I had to start wearing them super short and they would just peel like crazy. I chalked it up to the crazy Oklahoma weather and shampooing clients hair everyday. Taking the Biotin has restored my nails to their former glory! Yay! It was almost immediate too.  They are growing so fast and they are so thick! I wish I would have known the magic Biotin cast on finger nails years ago!

I also experienced another effect after taking the Biotin more consistently, acne. Yep, that’s a word nobody ever wants to hear. At first I didn’t make the connection. I noticed I was getting a few little pimples around my chin area. I usually have very clear skin. Didn’t think much of it until I hear a co worker talking about his client taking Biotin and experiencing acne! That’s when it all clicked! So when I got home I jumped on the computer and sure enough Google was filled with the same reports. Some people say drink more water, you wont have that problem. Some say that doesn’t work. Some suggest starting out at a lower mcg and gradually increasing your dosage. One girl even recommends taking a B5 vitamin with the Biotin to keep your skin clear. Then I went on the Web MD site and they say there is no scientific proof that Biotin causes acne. Honestly, I found all this out at the end of the month and didn’t have a chance to try any of it out. I do believe drinking more water in my case would help out immensely. I will have to try it out and update at a later time!


From January 1st to September 30th!

Overall, using the Biotin I didn’t notice too much of a difference in my hair. It seems the growth rate was pretty average. From a lot of the blogs and reviews I read over Biotin, the number one result people noticed was the thickness increase. On my hair personally I didn’t notice much of a difference. I bet if I continued taking the Biotin for a few more weeks and tracked it, I would see a noticeable difference. I am really enjoying the better health of my finger nails, so if I can find that balance to clear skin, I will continue uses of the Biotin.

For the month of October, I am going to try some top pinned grow long hair fast recipes. Some popular items on Pinterest include, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and certain essentail oils. Stay tuned till next month to see how it all goes down!

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