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Schardein’s Hair Treatments

Schardein’s Hair Treatments

Today  I thought I would break down some of the hair treatments we offer at Schardein’s. We have three levels of hair treatments ranging in price from $15 to $25. Lets start with the creme da la creme, Kerastase In-Salon Rituals.

Hair treatment

Kerastase In-Salon Rituals

The In-Salon Rituals, are top dog for a reason. They work as a two part system of highly concentrated formulas blended together right before application for maximum results. These handy little treatments are tailor made for each individual client with options ranging from, nutrition, repair, color protection, and density. How this works is, your stylists will examine your hair and find out your primary and secondary needs, then customize accordingly. The best part is, these treatments work instantly! You can tell a big difference with your hair right away! Also, if your hair is needing a bit more TLC, Kerastase offers the Take Home Lab. Your stylists will apply your first treatment in the salon and send you home with a customized 3 treatment pack!


Oribe Masque

The Oribe Masques are another great treatment! They have three different options to choose from, Signature Moisture, Beautiful Color and the Gold Lust. Signature Moisture is a great option for us Okies when our poor hair is so dry and frizzy from the winter. The Beautiful Color option is a great color protector and adds lots of shine! Oribe’s Gold Lust Masque is one of my favorites. It contains 19 different oils and doesn’t weight the hair down even a little! The Oribe team worked on this line for 4 years trying to get that perfect blend! The Gold Lust Masque is best when your are needing to repair and restore your hair to its former glory. The masques are paraben-free, color safe and includes UV protection. Lychee Extract protects hair from keratin deterioration and photo-aging; Wild Mango Butter boosts shine; and Macadamia Nut Seed Oil provides smoothing and antioxidant properties.

Hair Treatment

Unite’s U Luxury Mask

Unite is such an amazing line at an amazing price! The U Luxury Mask is a powerful treatment formulated with Amber Extract, an intense antioxidant that repairs, protects and strengthens hair, paired with a nourishing blend of Crushed Pearl, Hawaiian White Honey and Pure Argan Oil to deep condition and moisturize your hair from the inside out.

So really no matter what mask you go with your are going to get an amazing experience and be able to feel and see the difference with your hair!

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