Smith & Cult’s New Colors For Fall!


anglenailEveryone has that comfy cardigan they have been waiting patiently all summer to wear. Well folks, I have good news, now is your time to shine. Cool tones with little hints of colorful jewelry, shoes, or nails will definitely set the tone for all your outings. Smith and Cult’s line of alluring colors is a sure way to make your nails on point this fall. So put away your pastel tones, your swimsuits, and your sandals, fall is right around the corner and full of knitted cardigans, chunky jewelry, and small pops of color to make a statement all through the end of the year.

Smith and Cult’s colors are always going to make a statement, but they have just released three brand spankin’ new colors this fall to pair up with all of your fall and winter clothes.


Introducing, Filth Nior.  An opaque burgundy plum shade was one I was sure to be excited about. This shade not only gives you a fall vibe, but a soon-to-be Halloween chill as well. I added a dash of Shattered Souls to glam it up on my index finger and I wore this with my sweater cardigan and a few pieces of gold jewelry to bring out Shattered Souls and the vividness of Filth Nior.

regretmoon_pdpYour second color to look for in the collection is Regret The Moon. I was skeptical about this one at first… It is an opaque sweet creme color. The whitish hit is what turned me away at first, but this is not your average white. You don’t have to put on five layers of polish to get the color to actually show. The color pigments are just the right levels to pop on your nail, but also be that elegant accessory to match any outfit for the holidays. I paired this with a flannel button up and blue jeans for a casual night out, but wore my chunky jewelry pieces to dress up the outfit just a touch while my mani fit right in the for the fall look.

nopoem_pdpNow lastly, the third color for fall is No Poem. This is an opaque deep asphalt color that fits in that, “Yes, I’m classy but let me also be grunge,” aura to fill the room. Pair this with comfy layers or black leather and either way you roll will draw attention to your tips. I wore this shade on my ring finger, paired with my Filth Nior set and again, a bit of Shattered Souls (seriously just buy this shade, you can wear it will literally anything) on the very end like a messy french tip. Later I then paired it with Teen Cage Riot, a silvery glitter, for a dramatic contrast on two of my fingers. Mixing and matching your colors is a fun way to keep from always having the same colors on your nails, but you don’t have to always go an buy more polishes.





***Tip of the Day*** How to tell if your nails are TRUELY dry. We always have that moment of, “Can I go to the bathroom now without messing up my nails”. Well Smith and Cult already has a speedy dry time with being ready to go in less that 20 minutes. But just so you can be 100% sure not to ruin your fresh mani, after letting them set 5-10 minutes, simply tap the bed of two of your newly polish nails together ever so gently, if they stick, they are still wet. If they don’t stick and just slide over each other smoothly, you are done and ready to go.

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